The Volvo Vision

What if the engineers behind our vehicles made safety a priority?  What if they designed cars to conquer city streets, rather than the race track?  And, what if they created vehicles that considered the typical day-to-day travels, instead of flashy style?  Fortunately, the hardworking men and women at Volvo have done just that.  Designing cars for real-life, Volvo pledges to put your safety, security and comfort at the forefront of each and every design.  Check out the video below to hear about the Volvo 2020 Vision.


So, how does Volvo plan to make our lives safer?  For starters, our new line-up is equipped with IntelliSafe technologies.  IntelliSafe helps to prevent accidents by keeping drivers alert and informed.  From the Lane Keep system to 360-degree Surround View technology, we've implemented practical and intuitive driver assist systems into your vehicles.

Interested to learn more?  Swing by Patrick Volvo to test drive one of our new inventory vehicles, today!

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