60 years of Volvo

If you’re considering one of the new Volvo vehicles in Schaumburg, you might be wondering who owns Volvo. The brand, which was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, used to be owned by Ford Motor Company, but they were bought by a Chinese company and now the Volvo owner is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, as of 2010. Despite the ownership changes, Volvo continues to make some of the safest and most dependable cars on the road.

Volvo Beginnings

The company comes from Scandinavian roots, and Volvo’s first vehicles were introduced in 1927. The very first first Volvo Car was the ÖV4, which was in production from 1927 through 1929. The Volvo PV445, which was produced from 1949 to 1960 was the base for future Volvo wagons, and the SPORT P1900 was the first two-seater convertible. It was produced from 1856 to 1957.

Volvo Today

Today, Volvo is an innovative car company that’s well-known around the world. This brand is also at the forefront of an all-electric vehicle future.

Under Geely Holding, Volvo has its largest markets in China, the U.S., Sweden, and the European Union. In 2017, there were 572,000 Volvo vehicles sold and 2,300 dealerships around the world.

Shop for a New Volvo in the Chicagoland Area

Now that you know who owns Volvo, a bit of the history of the brand, and where they’re headed in the future, it’s time to explore our inventory of new Volvo vehicles for sale in Schaumburg. When you find the one you love, contact us to set up a test drive and find out about your financing options.

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