Driving Tips for Teens

Do you have a new driver in the house? I will have one in about two years. While it may be an exciting milestone, it can also raise many concerns for safety, especially when it comes to teen drivers.  I remember hearing a statistic not too long ago that the most dangerous time for teenage drivers is about 12 months after obtaining their driver's license. That's definitely concerning as the mind of a teenager is still developing in key areas important to safe driving skills such as decision making.

Here are some important tips for your teen driver to remember while sitting behind the wheel:

  • Mute cellphones. While these are important for emergencies, it's important to cut down on temptations to use the phone while driving. Including texting.
  • Keep the radio on low. Don't blast the radio. Keep the radio at a specific station or keep it turned off.
  • Encourage your new driver to tell their passengers to avoid distracting them such as loud talking, etc.
  • Keep the a GPS mounted on the windshield to keep your teens eyes on the road at all times.
What about weather conditions and elements? It's always good to take your new driver out to practice in rain, snow, etc. The more practice they get the more confidence they will have driving.

Teach your teen driver the importance of keeping a maintenance log of the vehicle. This can be just simple things to start such as wiper fluid, replacing tires, etc.

Other great reminders for teens in case they are involved in a car accident is to obtain important information such as driver's name, number, address, driver's license number, insurance and policy number, car model, and license plate number.

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