Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Volvo

If you’re in the market for purchasing your first Volvo, you’ve probably run into a lot of great advice from your friends or family about the best way to buy a car. Although we respect their opinion, some advice is either outdated or just plain wrong. So here are a list of car-buying myths and old tips that you should ditch. 
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3 Reasons to Use your Tax Return to Buy a Volvo

Your tax return can still save you money even if you don’t have an issue getting a loan. Putting extra money down can help lower your monthly payment, as well as save you money on interest. A general rule is that for every $1,000 you put down; your monthly payment will drop by about $15 to $18. Plus, with generous promotions and discounts on leases and financing, you can get into exactly what you’re looking for.


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Shopping Online Car Buying Sites vs Patrick Volvo Cars

There are several online car shopping websites like Auto Trader, CarGurus,, Carfax, Kelley Blue Book and so on. The benefit of these sites is that they allow you to shop for all types of brands and models in one place.

The best used car websites provide shoppers with everything they need from their computer or phone: the ability to search for vehicles, compare prices and pull vehicle reports. Used car sites can also provide detailed descriptions of a car’s features. Online car markets typically have expert reviews and customer feedback to help you find used cars to…

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Top 10 FAQs for New Volvo Buyers

Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a new car! There are a lot of questions that you need to find the answers to before you pick your next vehicle. To help you pick the best Volvo, we at Patrick Volvo Cars have prepared this list of top ten FAQs.


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