It doesn't matter where you leased your Volvo!
As the largest Volvo lease return center near Chicago, Arlington Heights, DesPlaines, and Elk Grove Village we are dedicated to making your return easy.  PLUS, you may qualify to return your lease up to 6 months early and you'll received $300 to use towards your disposition fee or we'll simply write you a check.

Below are 3 simple options you have when you return your lease at Patrick Volvo Cars.

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If you stick with the following steps, you should be able to return your leased Volvo and be on your way before you know it. Who knows, you might also decide to drive away in another new vehicle before the end of the day as well.

An Inspection Should Come First

Since you have been driving your Volvo around Chicago for a few years, you might not notice some of the dings and other mishaps that may have occurred. While many minor dents and scratches can be forgiven, anything major will need to be repaired before turning the vehicle back in. You can schedule an inspection a month or two before the lease is due to expire. This is a free service, and the inspector will even come to you. This will give you an idea of what should be fixed before you head to Patrick Volvo Cars at the end of the lease to turn the vehicle in.

Get Any Necessary Repairs Fixed Ahead of Time

If you discover that some repairs need to be taken care of, it is best to do that before the time that your lease expires. During the inspection, you might be told that various parts, such as the tires or brakes, need to be replaced. If you agree with that assessment, then it is important to take care of it ahead of time. Another option is to wait until you turn in the Volvo near Arlington Heights. At that time, the excess items will just be added to your final bill, and Patrick Volvo Cars will take care of everything from there.

Consider Your Future Transportation Needs

A month or two before your lease ends is also a time to assess your future transportation needs. Do you want to enter into another new lease agreement? If so, contact Patrick Volvo Cars near Des Plaines to find out what the current specials are. You might also be feeling that you would just like to keep your existing Volvo. That is certainly understandable, and there is a way to do exactly that. Within your lease contract, there is a residual value. You can look that up to determine what you owe on the vehicle at the end of the lease. You would just need to pay that amount, and you will be the official owner at that point.

Get Ready for the Day You Turn Your Lease In

All good things must come to an end, so you will want to be ready for the day your lease officially expires. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with Patrick Volvo Cars near Hoffman Estates. When you do that, we will be expecting you and have everything ready for your arrival. It is also important to bring along all of the relevant documentation and accessories that came with your lease. If you do that, then you should be on your way in no time at all.

These four simple steps will go a long way towards making sure the turn-in process for your leased Volvo near Rolling Meadows goes well. It is important to be prepared, as that will help you avoid any hidden surprises that could come up. If you do have any questions before your lease ends, feel free to contact Patrick Volvo Cars. They will be more than happy to answer those and help set your mind at ease.


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